Digital Skills Accelerator will be delivered by five organizations from Poland, Belgium, Spain, UK and Ireland, who all share a commitment to excellence in teaching and innovative pedagogic approaches.

ZUT Poland

The West Pomeranian University of Technology in Szczecin research teams dealing with: engineering, environmental safety and shaping, renewable energy sources, bio- and nanotechnology, polymers, as well as economics and technology of industrial and agricultural production. The University has 19 licences to award doctoral degrees and 13 full academic licences – to award postdoctoral degree and apply for the title of professor. The University implements a lot of projects financed from different sources, e.g. Ministry of Science and Higher Education, the EU and private companies.


The Information Engineering Research Unit (IERU) is one of the most active groups in UAH, it has produced a significant research activity in the fields on Semantic Web, learning technologies and Information Systems applications in the last 5 years. IERU has took part in several national funded projects related with learning technology including MAVSEL “Mining, analysis and visualization in e-learning” and SUMA, a industry-research cooperation advancing interoperability using MIT OKI standards. It has also lead FP6 project LUISA on Semantic Web Services for Learning Technology and participated in several EU projects related to digital education as the CIP PSP project OpenDiscoverySpace.


Canice Consulting Limited (CCL) is a Northern Irish consultancy with a specialization in online learning and ecommerce training. The company regularly undertakes assignments involving both local and regional development programmes, SME coaching and training solutions within the wider field of VET. In recent years, we have developed a particular specialism in digital learning platforms*, providing a broad range of modern learning services to the EU market place. As part of our quest for innovative and effective adult learning, we focus on creating interactive, learner-led educational resources.


Momentum is an Irish training organisation focused on developing progressive vocational education programmes and platforms to enable entrepreneurs, employees and young people entering the world of work to participate as fully as possible in the contemporary labour market. Much of their work concentrates on interpreting emerging digital platforms across VET systems and building awareness of the innovative approaches available through e-learning and mobile learning (m-learning). Mobile learning is predicted to be the most disruptive game changer offering many advantages to e-Learning, such as convenience and accessibility.

EUCEN Belgium

EUCEN, the European Association for University Lifelong Learning, is the largest European multidisciplinary Association in University Lifelong Learning. Its objectives are completely aligned with the dissemination role in EU collaborative projects, as their mission is to “provide a forum for the development, interchange and dissemination of innovation and good practice”, “encourage high standards in all areas of learning”, “represent the interests of the lifelong learning community within higher education and to European policy makers” and “facilitate communication, liaison and collaboration with other appropriate bodies and organisations”.